DJ Light Table

What is the DJ Light Table?

Think Star Trek meets Tron and you get the ultra-futuristic DJ Light Table from bluEdge Productions. This transparent multi-touch DJ system integrates both your brand and your corporate message into the large control surface, placing you logo /message right in the center of attraction.


Why use the DJ Light Table for your next event?

Stand out above the rest, and create positive lasting impression

This futuristic Tron-like transparent entertainment console is a definite center of attention and is guaranteed to impress your guests. Our tailored screen design layout and energetic performance will captivate the imagination, and keep your event circulating among the hot topics of conversation.


Elevate the production value of your event

Our Light Table talent are not just a fixture at your event providing music. We will engage the crowd and inspire interest in your product, service, message, and brand. With the Light Table, our talent will not only provide masterfully mixed music, but also a visually engaging “light show” to impress your guests.


Make your brand/message part of the entertainment

We can full customize our DJ Light Table’s control surface to seamlessly integrate your brand/ message into the futuristic performance experience; Visually connecting your audience with your marketing objectives.


The DJ Light Table is ideal for

Product launches
Annual celebration and special events
Corporate meetings and presentations
Marketing campaigns…